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Because I Love You In Tamil Pdf Download

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7cb1d79195 An unlikely romance occurs when a kidnapped victim falls in love with one of her abductors.
Congrats to the Total cast and crew..Good movie..Gangster movie with a love twist..I enjoyed it…!!! Loved the plot, the photography was good also, I like the locations… Hats off to the Director and writer The actors did a great job, I felt the movie.. Its a classic gangster movie , so i expected violence, to establish the bad guys..movie going need for good old fashion, no holds barred entertainment. Most importantly BECAUSE I LOVE YOU is a love story in the greatest sense of the phrase. It is about unconditional love, between a man and a woman, friends, family and especially the love of a mother and her child. I have this movie now,..in my DVD collection.. Good movie..Gangster movie with a love twist..I enjoyed it…!!! I will tell anyone with the time to enjoy this movie….Thanks
Apart from the acting and every cliché&#39; moment the story line completely sucked. I had to call on Jesus 15+ times just to get through the movie. Unnecessary killing, Stupid stereotypical black women, and racist scenes of black men portrayed as unintelligent, ruthless, rapist whose upbringing made them killers. Found this movie on a social website only watched it because I like Chico but this movie leaves nothing to be imagined, is not thought provoking and I&#39;m seriously happy that it did not make it to the silver screen. <br/><br/>Spoilers:::: No one seems that interested in her kidnapping, so much that when they did talk about her she is already technically dead.<br/><br/>They talked around her daughter like she is already dead.<br/><br/>THE ONLY BLACK WOMAN I WAS PROUD OF IN THE MOVIE WAS THE DAUGHTER!!!! she was educated, friendly and had class.<br/><br/>4 of the three men fine as HELL but you get distorted by the fact that they were OK with raping and killing a girl.<br/><br/>Sorrelli (spell check me on his name) as a comedian and actor needs to stop both, I found him deplorable. His character had no tact, he was just ready to kill anyone who spoke to him. <br/><br/>what was the freaking moral to this movie? I still don&#39;t know<br/><br/>The acting and plot is so bad that i question whether or not this movie was written as a satire because everything is so overly dramatic.<br/><br/>One scene as steel is dying she says &quot;My body is getting cold&quot; LMAO!!!!<br/><br/>Sorrelli character shoots Adam and for some unknown reason does an unusual pause turns around and gets shot by creme (im still pondering this bs)<br/><br/>Conclusion If you were looking for a terrible movie to critic, or something to laugh at with your friends or a movie that will totally disgust you and make you look up the director to see what he was smoking when he made this bull-sh*t then this is your movie. :)

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