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Download Full Movie The Last American Soldier In Hindi

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646f9e108c Commander and his small band of freedom fighters make life difficult for the VC after the Vietnam War is over. They free Vietnamese prisoners, and destroy enemy convoys every chance they can get. This severely upsets the evil Russian Vlasov, who is working with the VC in various nefarious enterprises. An ultra-violent, Rambo style movie filmed in the Philippines.
Years after the end of the Vietnam war, American freedom fighter Roger Craig (AKA Commander) continues the battle against the communist Vietcong and their Russian allies, leading raids to free their prisoners.<br/><br/>Just one of countless Rambo rip-offs from the late &#39;80s, this Italian clunker&#39;s lead &#39;actor&#39; Craig Alan helps one appreciate what a great action hero Sylvester Stallone was in his prime. Sly had star power and enormous screen presence, making musclebound Vietnam vet John Rambo a true cinematic icon; in contrast, the uncharismatic Alan is relatively wimpy, and looks utterly gormless throughout this predictable piece of Spaghetti action trash in which his supposedly enraged character, at best, looks mildly agitated.<br/><br/>Where the film does deliver is with the sheer quantity of pyrotechnics and bloody shootouts, with lots of huge explosions and numerous bad guys blown away by our hero, but pedestrian direction from Ignazio Dolce ensures that, despite laying waste to entire villages in an orgy of gunfire, flame and smoke, there is very little in the way of genuine excitement to be had, the whole thing about as banal as this type of thing can get.
Now this is what I call a movie!<br/><br/>OK so the plot is thread bare at best but if it&#39;s a straight out action fix that you require, let me assure you, the completely OTT explosive ending in this will satiate any action junkie guaranteed!!!<br/><br/>Highlights? Loads to choose but just check out the cruel torture sequences in this for starters; our hero has a plastic bag put over his head which is then filled with water until he almost drowns! But, the ordeal isn&#39;t over for him yet, oh no, if this wasn&#39;t enough already, he is then force marched (whilst being repeatedly kicked and punched) through two lines of Vietnamese soldiers who proceed to whip his flesh open with bamboo canes! OUCH!!!<br/><br/>The best sequence though is the previously mentioned finale in which our hero and his men blow up the enemy camp in major style and wipe out everyone and I do mean everyone in it! The scene just has to be seen to be believed! <br/><br/>Finally, special mention must go to the awesome end in this when our man hangs off of a rope ladder on a helicopter and blows another copter out the sky with a bazooka(!!!!!!!) Whoa!!!!!!!!!<br/><br/>Simply unbelievable and tremendously entertaining stuff! They just don&#39;t make &#39;em like this anymore!

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